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Live Branded Communication

Live Branded Entertainment

Every Marketeer, HR manager, Event manager or CEO has a plethora of information and news that they need to share. Flying Pigs offers Live Branded Communication and Entertainment as a conduit for these communications.

Using the Arts and Theatrical tools we conceptualise and execute according to the client's needs, offering a unique, live, branded and entertaining solution. Some would say we supply Industrial Theatre, but Industrial Theatre is a very broad and generalised term. What sets us apart is that we are absolutely brand focused and ply our trade accordingly.

Customer Service is a major part of our product, and we pride ourselves in our turn around time for quotes: Generally well within 48 hours- unless we need to source figures from a third party - and all calls are returned. Our prices are competitive, and our quality of the highest professional standard.

We dont claim to be the biggest, 'blingiest' or most sophisticated Theatre company in town, but a lot of clients with a lot of money use us ... because we achieve the impossible: Which is what you'd expect from Flying Pigs.