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Renault embarked on a program to improve customer relations, create peace of mind motoring and ensure that dealerships, head office, marketing, sales and after sales were all on the same page.

After consultation and research, we wrote a play about two spies who have come to investigate the secret of Renault's success. Their instructions; search, glean and destroy. But once the undercover operatives discover Renault's formula, ethics and products, they are so impressed, they abandon their mission, cross the floor and vow to protect Renault's standards with their lives.



When Eskom's information security division embarked on an awareness campaign, we were brought in to write the script for their DVD, as well as put together a live presentation.

We chose to use Ambush Theatre tactics. We created a costume character - Impimpi - and got him to create a disturbance in the work place. After he had caused chaos, our Men In Blue arrested him and sounded the warning that Eskom employees need to be extra vigilant about leaving information and equipment unattended, and also to be ware of phishing attacks and more. Once again we used a lot of comedy and the campaign was a huge success.



Ambush Theatre at Linuxworld.

Linuxworld attendees know just how confusing it can be – all that new age technology beeping and whirring at once. How then do you get people's attention? Especially when the show's success is going to be measured by how many people attend an after hours function that's only going to be advertised at.. you guessed it…the show. (The same one with all the distractions).

The brief called for Ambush theatre – two actors doing a ten minute song and dance in the canteen, every hour, on the hour from 11am to 3pm. It worked, Oracle had it's most successful 'Installfest' ever – and that's internationally.



NAB Caxton appointed " Flying Pigs " to promote a survey that had been done for the Group. Information needed to be circulated among their different regions, to increase awareness of the findings, but it needed to be done in a light hearted, fun way.

We started the presentation with three Advertising 'specialists', which, through their incompetence, paved the way for the real specialist. Three actors were used in various skits, which underlined the info covered in each module. These skits, presented at Caxton functions in KZN, JHB and Cape Town, relaxed the atmosphere completely, allowing for better absorption of the information.



For the annual Mpumalanga Premier's Service Excellence Awards, Client requested a stylish presentation, to be performed at a black tie event. The performance was to underline the strengths of the region, as well as the staff winning the awards.

The show included a cast of 5 in two choreographed modules, incorporating fabric and poles to symbolize the various departments. School rooms, rivers, electric pylons and cables, were all created to spectacular effect. The piece ended with the same props being used to create a huge, vibrant rising sun, the symbol for Mpumalanga.

In the second module, hula hoops (in South African colours), soccer balls and S.A flags were used to create a " Feel good " number, which soon had the audience on their feet. Tim Modise, the M.C. for the night, summed up the performance with the following: " What energy! Not white energy, or black energy, just pure, South African energy. Wow! "



Nationally run Mall Shows to promote local clothing on sale.

Internationally based Fashion TV (FTV) ran a number of fashion shows in malls country wide. Models were recruited regionally, and the shows featured local clothing on sale in the respective malls. Instead of the stock singing/musical act included in such fashion shows, client wanted something different.

Flying Pigs structured a number of very visual, performance art scenario's. These scenario's, which made use of three skilled actor/ dancers, drew an excellent response from audiences nationwide. The shows were staged in all the major malls around the country, and screened internationally on the FTV channel. The biggest challenge on this project was to fit in with the avant-garde, glamorous style that epitomizes FTV, and the challenge was met.



The brief from organisers of the Conference Of Asphalt Pavements of South Africa requested that Flying Pigs create an exciting theatre piece for their International conference, held at Sun City. These conferences take place annually all over the world, and Client wanted their international guests to experience something out of the ordinary. The performance venue was to be the Amphitheatre at the Lost City. " Around the World at 80 k's " was a wonderful ice-breaker for the conference, which kicked off the next day.



Flying Pigs was approached to put together something for RTT's 21st birthday bash. Client had booked the Vodadome and was expecting 600 high profile guests. They wanted something that was fun, had a feel good message, and reflected their past.

The result - a review, looking at South Africa over the last 21 years, all tied in to RTT's achievements and contributions. It consisted of dance, acting, comedy, political satire and music, and was an absolute hit.



We were approached to find a unique way of drawing attention to Flora Force's stand at the Organics expo held at Gallagher Estate. We put our artists to work and the pictures say it all. Needless to say, the Flora Force stand was the most visited during the expo.



Syndol Packaging re-launch.

Flying Pigs were approached to provide the entertainment at the company's yearly convention. This was achieved when Management made an appearance in black leather and whips to the tune of Joe Cocker's " Unchain My Pain " – a great song for Syndol. The performance set the scene for a relaxed and successful two day conference. Original tracks were also recorded for this performance.



Introduction of new Eetless diet bar.

We dressed an Adcock Ingram manager in a fat suit, over which he wore a drag outfit similar to those of the two sexy young dancers who accompanied him. During the performance our " gal " , determined to hold her own against the competition, proceeded to try out the Eetless bar. This culminated in a striptease behind a curtain, from which (s)he emerged svelte and trim. To fit in around the staff's busy schedules, we rehearsed in the car park before work. This was a source of much mirth among other staff members as they drove into their parking spaces in the morning, to see the management dressed in silly outfits, practicing dance steps..

The production certainly achieved its aim to integrate management and staff. By the end of the night, there was a marked relaxation, which would then see the way open for a successful conference, which followed.



How does a German bank celebrate its first " Decade Under the African Sun " ? – With a fusion party of course. Client wanted us to challenge stereotypes. So, we assembled Ballroom dancers who performed on tables in the dining room, White Sangoma's, and Black Opera singers. Add it all together, and you have yet another Flying Pigs success.



National campaign for the prestigious Baby competition.

Sponsored by Sanlam, and run in Drum, You and Huisgenoot magazines. The prize-giving took place at East Rand Mall, with finalists being flown in. For this function, client didn't just want the normal " Beauty Competition " vibe, especially as there were children involved.

We created a fantasy scenario, which included uni-cyling elves, dancing fairies and wicked wizards. The illusion was enhanced by giant butterflies, bubbles, and flower petals. As an M. C. we used Annelise Weiland, well known for her role in Sewende Laan and various other television series. All the artists involved were tiny people, which worked exceptionally well. Adults and children alike were entranced by the magic on stage.

In their capacities as performers, both of Flying Pig's Directors have been nominated for and won numerous awards. These nominations and awards have been received as a result of their dedication to the work in question. They apply the same commitment to their work within Flying Pigs, striving always to deliver the best product possible, irrespective of the size of budget. Their individual nominations and awards are as follows: