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Live Branded Entertainment

Branded Theatre

Theatre is the world's oldest mass communication medium, and although its' reach may not match that of present day media, the spectacle and live element make it a lasting and unforgettable experience.

No matter what your product or company is about, we'll write and perform a play using your products and company as the characters, and weave them into an intriguing plot line. The beauty about our products are that they are client and product specific, and we design them so that they can be performed anywhere; from a Taxi Rank or Shopping Mall to a Boardroom, lecture hall or even a workers' canteen.

And if you'd prefer a simple visual spectacle, as a play on or play off for a keynote speaker, we'll be more than happy to do that too, using music and dance – and it will be branded, of course.

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Brand Activation

Flying Pigs has been active in Malls for a number of years, and more and more shopping centres are using us to do their in-centre brand activations, and creating a vibe that is conducive to a fun and pleasant shopping experience.

We have also been involved in brand activation at taxi ranks – selling parts to taxi owners and drivers – as well as for the Pharmaceutical Market.

Branded Body Art

This is proving to be a very popular tool. We paint your logo, brand, or a specially created design in your corporate colours onto well toned models. The results are spectacular, and audiences and delegates are always enthralled and amazed when they see a model painted in corporate colours. Perfect for events, functions and expo's.

Branded Buskers

Flying Pigs has a number of skilled buskers and mime artists, whom we dress up in corporate or branded costumes to bring a fun element to any function. They're always very easy to spot in a crowd, and draw lots of attention as they go through their routines. So, if you're having a function that you'd like to add some zest to, or give you the leading edge at an expo or conference, Branded Buskers are always a good bet.


Having written for the professional stage, film and television, as well as the corporate market, Flying Pigs are the ideal company to conceptualise and script for whatever medium you may desire.